How to get great family portraits
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Saturday, January 26, 2019
By CJCruz Photography
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How many of us remember family picture day as children? I don’t know how it was in your home but for mine it was always a negative experience. We would put on our Sunday best and head to a studio were some guy posed us like statues and tried to make us laugh with corny jokes. It often left everyone frustrated as my sisters and I never stood still or smiled at the same time, so we always were getting yelled at. I told myself then that if I have children, I’m not subjecting them to that type of torture ever! Today’s photographers have replaced the studio with a beautiful scenery or a funky cool cityscape, but the feeling is still the same to me, lacking soul. Family dynamic so much more than dressing nice and having a nice background. Therefore, people who aren’t model types struggle with taking family photos in this modified traditional sense, I know I do. I have done this to clients as well as my own daughter in the past and ended up with the same results I disliked from studios.


It wasn’t until one day I watched my 3-year-old daughter play and do things that made her happy. Like any parent I grabbed my camera and started clicking off photos and it was at this time that I really felt like I got to know my daughter. Personality shined through in those images and not in the hundreds of posed shots I’ve taken over the years. Her free spirit, kind loving heart, her passion for all things music and art seemed to jump off the screen and I knew what I needed to start doing. Taking family photos isn’t just about capturing nice images not for me anymore. It is now about capturing memories more over creating them so that the candid nature of my photography really shines a spot light on what makes your family unique from mine and everyone else’s. They are not always technically perfect, but neither are our families and that’s the beauty of it. I’d love to sit down with you and discuss how we can create those memories frozen in time on a photograph that you will enjoy for generations to come. 







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